California Knife Laws – Lawyer Explains [video blog]

Some knives will ALWAYS be illegal to carry in public. Some can be carried in public as long as they are carried open.

Also, you need to be aware that certain locations will prohibit the carry of knives as well.

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— A former D.A. & a former cop explain California knives laws.

What knives are always illegal to carry? What knives may be carried, but only openly on a sheath? And what knives may be possessed openly or concealed? What are the penalties — misdemeanor or felony — if you get arrested and charged with unlawful knife possession? We answer all of these questions, with reference to switchblades, dirks and daggers, pocket knives, utility knives, Swiss army knives, gravity knives, spring loaded knives and others. Former Los Angeles County prosecutor Neil Shouse — and former San Bernardino County police sergeant Michael Scafiddi — explain the laws and rules in California.